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'Aflutter' modular relief print

2021 Los Angeles Printers' Fair, Virtual


From October 30, 2021 to November 14, 2021 I will have a virtual booth at the Los Angeles Printers' Fair! This was the first ever printmaking event I attended, and it means a lot to be on the other side of the show tables, even virtually! Come take a look at all the amazing printing that will be showcased!

'Aflutter' started as a response to the art prompt “Change” during a printmaking challenged orgaised by @ridgeandroots on Instagram. It is my own take on a famous theme in traditional Chinese art: the Hundred Butterflies Picture (百蝶图).

One of the reasons I decided to attempt this theme is to use up irregular-shaped Japanese vinyl scraps that I’ve been collecting in the past year. I had the idea to create a design made up of smaller pieces that I would glue onto a piece of MDF or some other rigid material - this would also allow me to plan for an overall larger design in the end, since there is no hard limit to how many pieces of lino I can add to it.

Each of the butterflies is pretty small, but I’m hoping for an end result of an A2 print! Also, because I’m clearly not ambitious enough, I want to make a moths version too! 😁

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